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Gulf Markets International W.L.L (GMI) has been a leading service provider for over 40 years, building a market reputation in supplying the highest quality products from some of the largest manufacturers across the world. Successfully established in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the seventies, GMI has continued to deliver various products and services to its customers while assuring a sustainable growth over the time. The company rapidly adapted to the changing business environment within the GCC region and outside, expanding its business into representing foreign companies and supplying high quality products in various field such as: Building Material, Lifts and Escalators, Medical Equipment, Agricultural Supplies, Animal Feeds, and Industrial Supplies among others. Our excellence in quality and service has positioned us as a leading provider and a vital partner to many government authorities and private institutions for completing projects. INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES AND SERVICES DIVISION GMI is active in the field of industrial supplies for more than 40 years, catering to various customers in the GCC region on spot and long-term contractual basis, in different industrial applications such as Aluminium, Oil & Gas, Cement, Iron, Steel, Glass and others. Thanks to its strong and extended ties with top notch suppliers and principals, GMI succeeded to build a sourcing platform over time with more than 40 companies from different parts of the world, including, Europe, Canada, USA, India, China & from the GCC. POT LINES - Cathode Blocks - Silicon Carbide Side Walls - Collector Bars [Cathode Bars] - Pot lining Materials - Ramming Pastes - High Alumina Bricks - Crust Breaker/Alumina Feeder Devices & Cylinders - Filter Bags & Cage for FTPs/GTCs - Insulation Bricks - Castables & Mortars - Mica Insulation Materials CARBON - Bricks Dense Refractory - Graphite Based Stub Coats - Anode Yokes - Anode Clads - Aluminium Stems - Steel Shots - Pig Iron - High Temperature fabrics - Overhead Conveyor Chains, Chain Links - Anode Handling Systems - Filter bags - Conveyor Belts for Material Handling CASTHOUSE - Ceramic Fiber Products - Refractory Bricks & Castables - Insulation Materials - Launders - Furnaces - Degassing Units & Accessories - Furnace relining & Commissioning - Master Alloys & Grain Refiners - Ceramic Foam Filters GENERAL SUPPLIES - Fans and Blowers - Carbon Brushes & Holders - Tank Level Gauges - Pressure Reducing Stations - Pneumatic Valves & Actuators - Thermocouples - Hoses - Bearings - Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders CONTACT: Dubai-Qatar-Kuwait Ashok Sannamani Mob: +971 50 7984690 Email: Bahrain-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Awadh Tel: +973 1749 0040 (ext 102) Email:


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