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David’s Stir Fry Crazy started in a small humble way. Back in 2009 a take-away outlet was opened in Riffa by the family duo of David & Anne. Our aim was to provide fresh quality food made with passion. A lot of hard work, dedication and sacrifices were put in. Most importantly the good-will and support of the customers made David’s Stir Fry Crazy what it is today. This outlet setup a springboard for us to venture into something bigger. Work started at the Adliya branch by the summer of 2011. By 12/12/12 we threw open the door for business. Behind the scene we were hard at work building a team. Old friend and work mate Chef Huang Jisheng joined the team. Quickly we added more specialist. It was the turn of Chef Wang to join us. More soon followed. We cooked up a strategy. Bring the freshest ingredients, cook it the way no one else would dare and add a unique twist. That’s how the Menu looks like today. From the very traditional dishes of China like the Roast Peking Duck to Chinese dishes that has evolved in the distant shores like the General Tso’s Chicken. We got it all. To make it even more exciting we have added favorites from South East Asian nations to the Far East. We will continue to work hard to cook up great tasting dishes. Innovation, creativity and passion will be behind each and every dish that comes out from the kitchens of David’s Stir Fry Crazy. Above all we guarantee freshness.


+973 1754 0188

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